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HR Starter is a free HR course for recent university graduates and students of final years of bachelor and master studies highly motivated to learn about and kick-start their career in HR. 

Here is why HR starter is amazing: 

🧠 Learning: You will dive into the world of HR by learning about: Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employer Branding, Data-driven HR, HR technology, Future of HR, and many more exciting topics. 

🖥️ Course structure: The course is fully in English with pre-recorded lectures. Each week, new lectures will be available on our learning platform for you to access at your convenience before the next chapter unlocks.

Challenges: Get bonus materials and lectures to feed your curious mind, fill out interesting quizzes, solve challenging HR tasks and have fun.

🚀 Innovative Approach: Discover why HR is an innovative function that shapes the future of workplaces and peek into HR trends. 

🤝 Mentor support: During the program you and your group will have mentor support. Mentors will help you gain some practical insights into HR.

🌟 Certificate: Upon program completion, receive an HR Starter certificate, a valuable credential to enhance your prospects when applying for your initial role in the HR field.

Mentored meetings

There is always a way to enhance someone's learning journey! That is why HR Starter will have HR professionals as your mentors throughout the course, to help you understand HR better and learn about working in HR - what does it look like?


Dive into the world of Human Resources with 36 interesting lectures! Learn about Recruitment, Employer Branding, Employee Development, HR data & Technology, HR transformation, HR metrics, hear real HR case studies and many more!


Don't miss out the excitement of working on challenging HR tasks with other students from the course. HR Starter combines learning with international student experience. Learn, meet and exchange ideas with your peers!


Earn a certificate that proves you have successfully finished HR Starter course and stand out among other applicants while applying for HR entry positions.


Learn about HR basics, Recruitment & Selection, Employee Development, HR data & Technology, HR transformation and hear real case studies from HR experts. Amazing video HR lectures waiting for you.

Meet your peers who also attend HR Starter from numerous countries, work on stimulating individual and team tasks to apply the knowledge you gained. 

Feed your curiosity with bonus materials you will get throughout the course: blogs & books to read, podcasts to listen to etc.

You’ll be prepared to kick-start your HR Career! 😊


The project is based on an innovative approach to HR as a strategic function in an organization.

Students become familiar with wide HR topics, from basic HR processes and activities (Recruitment, Employee Development, Employer Branding, E-Learning), to modern HR principles such as Data-driven, Agile mindset, Mobility, Empowerment, etc. and their practical use in a business environment.

Students will gain thorough knowledge from lecturers from the leading global and local organizations, have challenging individual and group tasks to solve, will have mentor support and gain a broader image of HR processes which will be of great use once they step into the world of HR.



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Hear what students have to say

Hedija Begovic Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is no doubt that the effort always pays off in the end! As a participant in the first HR Starter program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had the opportunity to meet a large number of HR experts, learn from them, and gain the opportunity for employment. I am very happy that through this program I met the HR team from NLB Bank, Sarajevo who recognized my efforts and abilities and where I became part of the team soon after completing the program and studies.

Lejla Adrovic Montenegro

As a participant in the third generation of HR Starter Montenegro, I gained a lot of new knowledge and skills, learned about new techniques and tools from common practice which I hope to implement in the future. The lecturers were very professional, open to all kinds of cooperation, selflessly sharing knowledge, experience and advice. I am really proud to have been a part of this program that connected me with dear, talented people who were there for a month with the same goal as me.

Lenka Kostovic Serbia

An extraordinary experience that opened the doors of the HR world to me and provided a unique opportunity to learn and discover a wide range of areas that modern HR provides us through the selfless sharing of knowledge and experience of a large number of HR experts. Apart from the great opportunity for learning, team activities and working with a mentor, I was especially fond of colleagues whom I met and with whom I still share my HR experiences.

Milena Vracarevic Serbia

HR Enter is an unforgettable experience for me. Great lecturers who selflessly shared their knowledge and experiences on all HR-related topics as well as the importance of HR for the organization, the knowledge that I needed to master in order to step into the world of HR. In addition to the extensive knowledge I have adopted, what has further complemented this experience for me was a lot of positive energy, a great love for HR, as well as wonderful people I have met. You have all my recommendations!

How to Become an HR Administrative and Where Is This Path Taking You Further?

3 key takeaways from this blog:

  • You will learn which skills you need to work in HR administration
  • You will learn what is the career path of an HR administrator
  • You will learn about some of the roles that exist in HR industry


A popular opinion is that you can only work in HR if you have a degree in social sciences. This is only one of countless misconceptions when it comes to human resources.

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What do you associate with the term “HR Administration”?   

The first associations are papers, a photocopier, a printer, even a fax machine. A calculator is mandatory! Then folders and binders, stamps and envelopes, personnel, who usually wear glasses and sometimes are in a horrific mood. And for the ultimate: paperwork and data.

If some of these things automatically went through your head when you thought of HR administration, you are not alone. Also, for the most part, you are wrong.

Read more >

From Basic to Modern HR

Introduction - HR on the Business Map

Marijana Stojanović

Senior Business People Partner | Worldwide Clinical Trials

the development of hr

Sanja Nikolić  Blazhevska

Head of Recruitment Training and Development | Sparkasse Bank

HR skills: what do we need to know?

Aleksandra Mihajlova

Human Resources Director | NLB Banka Podgorica

HR Administrative Function

Svetlana Nešković

HR Shared Services Director | NIS Gazprom Neft

Modern HR & its Processes

Marina Rakić

Group Human Resources Director | MK Group

HR Journey: From an Intern to HR Director

Žaklina Teofilović

Director Human Resources | MTU Maintenance Serbia

Recruitment and Selection

Talent Management in a strategic way

Srđan Ožegović

Member of the Managment Board | ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina

Employer Branding

Dennis Kaminsky

Lecturer on Employer Brand Management at Moscow Advanced Communication School

Online Recruitment: External & Internal

Sara Habjan

Head of Recruitment and Employer Brand | Lidl Slovenija

Recruitment - What Does it Look Like?

Dušan Jovanović, Ana-Marija Tonić, Anđela Jovanović

Head of Human Resources | Employee Experience Partner | Talent Acquisition Partner | Sa.Global

Selection - How do We do It?

Sandra Gucul – Milojević

HR Lead  | Hedwell

Compensations & Benefits - What do We Need to Know?

Nemanja Knežević

Regional Head of CB and HR Services  | Hemofarm 

Employee Development

Learning & Development

Petar Kosovac

Management Development Expert | Hyperoptic Ltd.

Employee Training

Simona Scutaru

HR country & SSC Site leader – HR lecturer | Tenneco

Mentoring & Coaching - What it is and How it is Done?

Ana Jankulovska

Systemic Coach and Gestalt Practioner  | GO Center for People and Organisational development

Employee Career Development

Nenad Anđelković

HR Director | Novo Nordisk

Performance Management

Sanja Miladinović

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Lead, South-Central Europe & Baltics and CEGB Franchise | PepsiCo

E-Learning: Functionality & Trends

Milan Mihajlović

Consultant for Methods & Tools in Digital

hr data & technology

HR in Numbers: Data driven HR

Milena Nikolov

People & Culture Manager SO SEE | IKEA

Meet HR Softwares

Jelena Janković

HR manager | Amlitudo

HR Softwares 2

Tatiana Sushcheva,  Anastasia Terenteva

IT Recruiter  | SIBUR

Meet People Analytics

Ninoslava Petrović, Nikola Todorović

Head of HR Operations and Analytics | Senior HR Analyst | Yettel

How to Use People Analytics

Emina Hodžić

Customer Success Director | Orgnostic

HR Digitalization: Mindset + Technology

Milan Baošić

Group Talent CoE Technology & Talent Sourcing Manage | Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

HR Transformation & future

Agile HR

Raluca Gadiuta

Country HR Leader  | HP Inc. Romania

HR Gamification

Darko Mickoski

Founder, Co-Owner and Executive manager | WIDNET d.o.o. Skopje

Full Remote Work - How Does it Function?

Emina Adilagić Gačan

Director of People Operations |

Remote work - Hybrid

Tijana Bošnjak 

HR Business Partner for South East Market | Nestlé

Organizational Design - The Basis of Change

Ivan Stefanović 

Strategy, Transformation and Performance Improvement Expert | Hyperoptic Ltd.

Digitalization in HR

Romina Ivančić Maćešić

Business and Leadership Development Consultant

practical hr - case studies

case study 1 - Employee Experience

Josipa Matošević 

Psychologist | Imaco Systemtechnik d.o.o

Case study 2 - Employee Engagement

Jelena Marković

CHRO | Coinis

Case study 3 - Hybrid work - How Did We Succeed At It?

Petra Bizjak

HR Director | Outfit 7

Case study 4 - HR Role in Leadership Transformation

Alan Žepec

CEO and Coach | LQ – Strive for development

Case study 5 - Perfomance Management in IT

Sofija Jovanović

HR Manager | Levi9

Case study 6 - Recognition as a Tool

Maja Stančetić

Human Resource Business Partner | Schneider Electric DMS NS


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HR Starter is free HR course for recent university graduates and students of final years of bachelor and master studies highly motivated to start their career in HR.

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